Our Stenciled Dining Room Wall

We moved into our house about 4 months ago and it's starting to feel more like home. Painting always helps that feeling and hanging pictures up. One thing that I knew I wanted to do the first week we moved in was a stenciled wall. We didn't plan on painting originally, since it was already a neutral, until I went to wipe watermarks off the wall and ended up tearing my towel and more watermarks. It seems the previous owner used primer and never bothered to follow up with a real coat of paint.
It worked out though, It only took 1 coat of paint in most rooms and we had our entire main level done in Behr's Chocolate Frothe. I ordered my stencil from Royal Design Stencils and Behr's Wheat Bread paint and had it finished in 2 1/2 days. I actually did another wall in the living room too. 
I love the texture it gives the rooms, The walls are still neutral but it adds just the right amount of design to pull a room in. 
The maker recommends using a spray adhesive, I could not find one so I used painters tape. Doing corners was tricky but not impossible but when it came to finishing the stencil around the ceiling line I ended up having to cut my stencil. There was just no way that I could get this 3ft stencil to bend and not fall on me! It's only in 2 pieces so if I do use it again it won't be hard to match up, may just take a little time.
I'm absolutely in love with the results. Since it's neutral I imagine it will be on the wall for years to come. I plan to add color in different ways, I'm really loving sunshine yellow details and the color hemlock. My kitchen aid mixer is a pistachio color and I love the color pop it lends to the kitchen and dining. After all it's the details that make the design!

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