DIY: Corner Chair Recovery

 My Mom gave me this chair when Brett and I first got married. she originally covered it in a hunter green, I changed to the rust color but since moving to our new house I'm looking to get away from red a little. It's a great color but in the midwest red so easily becomes country. and I want our house to have a mid century eclectic feel. so good by rust, hello stripes! wanna recover your own chair? It's so easy. all you truly need is your fabric, a staple gun & some scissors. Get the tutorial after the jump.

 Starting at the top cleanly staple your fabric about 2" away from the top.
 Next tightly pull your fabric down across the front of the chair and mark where the arm rest is. cut into the fabric to where the arm and chair connection but leave an 1". Neatly fold your cut and staple it. do the other side.
 now pull the bottom part of your fabric through the opening tightly. cut a diagonal line to the corner again leaving an 1" fold neatly again and staple. make sure that you're stapling about an 1 1/2 in so that you can cover your raw edges later.
 cleanly fold your corners (miter) and staple

now pull the bottom tight and fold your edges nicely. line your stripes up if you have stripes and staple cleanly. you can choose to cover your staples by hot gluing a ribbon, or doing brass tacks but this is gonna sit against the wall in our bedroom so I'd rather not waste time & money on something that won't show.
See how clean it looks!
 I was running low on fabric so I had to sew two pieces together, just make sure if you do this that your stripes match and line up.
 Lay your fabric on the seat and line up your pattern, do you see the seam from my above connection? Nope! good!
diagonally cut towards your back corners again leaving an 1" and fold and staple the fabric to the bottom of the chair.
make sure to pull tight and work across i.e. if you do the right side first do the left side next then do front and back, this makes it easy to pull things tight. hope it was helpful, If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me at

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