Easy Going Holiday Dress

Let me just tell you how amazing this simple dress is.  It's made from a matte jersey that I got in Chicago and a soft but thick gray knit for the sleeves. I wore this dress for Thanksgiving but with different shoes, I'm really digging it with the boots, they make it more casual.
The bat wing sleeves & boat neckline are surprisingly more flattering than what I originally thought. And because of the shape it's Mama friendly when chasing kids. No full skirts to blow in the wind, or low necklines plus its a simple silhouette that allows movement. I wish that I would have used this pattern to make my previous color blocked shirt. To make it into a dress I just lengthened it, not a hard alteration at all.
There are a few things I would change about this dress in hindsight. I would have made the length longer to just below the knee for the proportion, and I would have done a blind hem to keep everything clean and sleek. I definitely think this will be a pattern to go back to.
 It's such an easy project with no zipper or button closure but one thing I would say is if you plan on doing this make sure you pick a semi structured knit; thin jersey can show bumps and lumps.
This dress probably took an afternoon, or night, just a couple hours since there was only 4 pieces to the whole thing. My favorite part is definitely the gray sleeves.

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