A Flattering Pencil Skirt Tutorial

 What is more lady like than a pencil skirt? Honestly one of the most versatile pieces you can find and yet sometimes the most unflattering articles of clothing to buy. I've been on a search for a well fitting pencil skirt, um since adulthood.  What makes this skirt so amazing, well beside the nice kick pleat and flattering shape, these design lines enhance like nobodies business!
I've been eying this pencil skirt forever, figuring out what I loved so much about it, and besides that amazing light grey those lines are what make it! You don't find pencil skirt patterns with these style lines built in so I dissected a pattern and I'm gonna show you how to do it! It's so easy & so worth it, so if you have a pencil skirt pattern to work with, awesome! If not, head over to Burda Style and get this one!

 mark your cutting lines, and cut on them. when cutting your fabric make sure do add 5/8th's seam allowance to the lines you just cut on each piece
If you are doing a large curve like I did on the bottom, add a 1/2" extra to the center fold, this way the curve will lay flat, and even. Stitch the pieces together and top stitch to really make those style lines show. Now finish your skirt as the directions say.  Instead of stitching the hem by hand I always go for a blind stitch on my machine. It will make your life complete to know that stitch! Craftsy has this tutorial. Here is a great source for sewing a kick pleat or vent. You'll definitely be seeing this source again, What did people do before the internet & youtube? Happy Sewing!

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