The 2 Hour Dress Tutorial

I hope you're enjoying the 90's comeback as much as I am! It's a nice change to see the softer colors, bolder prints and the mix between the two. Adelle is a hardcore pink girl, I've learned that if I make something for her, throw a little pop of pink into it and she'll love it! So enters the awesome b&w gingham dress with a pink diamond. Originally Adelle wanted a pink diamond doughnut,Where she gets these ideas I don't know.
This was such a simple dress to make and is high in rewards! Originally just a shirt pattern but I'll show you what I did to create an awesome staple dress for any little girls closet! Get the tutorial after the break.

First off you need to download the pattern it's free. I use the term "pattern" loosely, its more of measurements to make your own pattern pieces, They include 5/8th's seam allowance.
Tools you'll need:
  • jersey knit fabric, 1 1/2 yards
  • jersey ball point needle
  • a double needle if you're machine is equipped (not completely necessary)
  • thread
  • pattern
**For all seams I used a serger, if you do not have a serger you can use a stretch stitch also known as an elongated zig zag. If you do a straight stitch your thread won't be able to stretch therefore restricting the fabric from stretching so you have to put some ease in your stitches.
**Keep in mind that when you are hemming if using an elongated zig zag you need to be at least an 1" from the edge to allow for stretch.
**Here is a great tutorial if you are new to using the double needle. I prefer this method over any other because it adds a clean professional look and it's easy to use.

Okay, enough disclosures, lets get started!
 Here are your 2 pattern pieces, you'll be making the skirt later.
 Stitch shoulder seams
 Line sleeves up, making sure that the middle hits the shoulder seams, stitch
 Now stitch the sleeve seam. If you're using a serger to get a perfect corner, squeeze the corner to make the seams to a straight line, just make sure you don't catch any folds. If using a sewing machine, disregard, just make sure you're using your elongated zigzag.

 Trim the length of your shirt so the seam will hit the waist. leave 1/2" seam allowance so you can attach it to the skirt
 Now here is where you'd use your double needle if you have one, Make sure your sleeves are even. Fold your neckline down, no need to double fold since knit doesn't fray.
 If you are using your double needle for the sleeves, the easiest way to stitch such a tiny space is turning it inside out and stitch on the inside.
 To make the circle skirt, There is a great app you can download that will do all the math for you, I hate math so this app is a must for me! Thank you to the ladies of By Hand London!
 Now connect your circle skirt to your bodice, and hem. again this is where you'd use your double needle and no need to double fold!
 If you want to add a graphic like I did here is the tutorial. This is a great method. I just hand drew my diamond, I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my computer to print something out.
This is the second dress I've made with this pattern and it really is a staple piece, mix patterns, colors you could even make dress up princess dresses, make it short sleeve, add ruffles the options are endless!
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Hope that was a good tutorial to start off the new year and if you have any questions feel free to email me at
                                                                                                       Happy Wednesday, Amber


  1. What a lovely dress for your little girl! Huge thanks for the shout out and very very glad our app makes you happy :)

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  3. Lovely dress, I wanted to make it for my daughter but can't figure out how to download the free pattern

    1. here is the link on how to download the pattern, it is now .99 cents but in all truth this is one versatile pattern you can do a lot with for less than a buck!