The Yellow Headboard

When it comes to home decor Brett just kind of lets me do my thing, He's pretty chill that way which is good because I like to do my own thing; this project however was too big on my own. 
I have a fear of drills! I've said it. It's a terrible admittance for a self proclaimed DIY'er but seriously they scare me. Don't even get me started on saws. Thankfully Brett's family is filled with problem solvers & handymen and his Dad did all the hard work.
 We discussed, calculated, measured and repeated multiple times. Our biggest issue/worry was this window, we knew we couldn't just shove the headboard up against the wall and call it good, especially since I wanted curtains to hang behind to hide the off centered window; so after a ton of ideas, and finally settling on one we went with none of them! All we did to make it as stable as possible was 1) made it out of 1 solid piece of plywood, I think it was 3/4" we didn't make legs like a lot of tutorials suggested the solid piece goes all the way to the floor. 2) We nut & bolted it to the bed frame. 3) We shoved it against the window. And it is sturdy. I love reading in bed, in fact this whole post was written in bed, (woohoo for comfort!)
I upholstered this baby twice. the first time I did the wrong side so I had to rip out everything and start over. Thankfully I didn't have to purchase more foam, but I did have to buy more fabric. I used 2 layers of broadcloth, The tight weave gives it a clean look. If you're wanting to make your own just pinterest or google DIY upholstered headboards, I know you will find a million and one tutorials and ideas. If you wanna get all fancy you can tuft it, add tacks too. I opted for the clean modern look, after all I think that mustard yellow is enough of a statement.


  1. wow, great headboard! That color looks fantastic with the rest of your decor. And I love the way you disguised the window. Bravo.

  2. That is awesome! We just flipped our bedroom around so the bed is up to a window and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. So doing this!!!!!

    1. It really made a huge difference in the comfort of our room, I love it!