Weekend Warrior: Focus

One of my many resolutions this year is to not only take more pictures but to take better pictures and take pictures that matter. Sure it's just Saturday breakfast, but soon this kid is gonna be grown and I want to capture every toothy grin, and eye brow raise I can and in good quality! 
I purchased a new camera last summer and it came with the kit lens. Originally I was not even processing buying another lens for it, I figured I had all I needed in the kit lens and although I saw my pictures improve in the quality just by using a DSLR I still felt a little restricted. So enters the 50mm lense. 
Anything I read or anyone I talked to told me that if I bought a lens that was the #1 thing I needed. And they were right. There is just a keen sharpness & capture of detail that was not possible with the kit lens. And although a lot of professional photographers recommend not getting stuck in bokeh (the blurry background) I have to say it definitely enhances the focal point, and that is something I love!

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