Drapey Tunic

Can I just tell you how awesome this Drapy shirt is? At first I was worried about the neckline drape because it usually adds volume to the bust but with the jersey it just worked perfectly. I bought this fabric in Chicago and I remember when I first saw it I thought it looked like Japanese lettering so I was hesitant. It turns out to be a "snake skin" pattern which this alone should shock you. I am anti-animal print. not because I'm PETA or anything, I just have seen it done wrong so many times that it looks cheap and trashy.

If you follow trends at all you'll know that animal print is really in, I mean REALLY in and I've been seeing it done right a lot too. Don't jump to conclusions I'll never do a cheetah print, sorry to disappoint.
What I love about this shirt: It covers my bum! It's machine washable and the raglan sleeves. It's just a fun comfy shirt which is what I wear more often than not. Between running errands, playing with kids and daily cleaning It's just right for me!
The pattern is from (you guessed it) BurdaStyle. I get there magazine and if you are an avid sewer, or dressmakers this is a great resource for a ridiculous amount of patterns for the money.


  1. I've totally been wanting to make this shirt. Nice!

  2. That print is amazing! Perfect for that top!