February in Retrospect

 February seemed to fly by, I think I was so gung-ho about everything in January that when February came I was a little undone. hence the lack of a January post. But here is my February.
 Adelle had her preschool Valentine's day party. At the last second i.e. morning of, I got a great idea. using heat n' bond & some scrap fabric I cut out a heart and ironed it on to Adelle's old flower girl dress. The best part it stays perfectly and then once you're done you just peel it off. voile!
Adrian has always loved books and I am amazed that he has not once tried to rip a page. Adelle tore so many books up I think we even had to pay for replacements for the library. He loves the golden bind books although this vintage Hansel & Gretel is a bit dark for an almost 2 year old.
 This kid loves waking up his Dad, and playing with him, crawling on him, bouncing and snuggling.
 We got a scholastic book order in and Adelle scored some Fancy Nancy sight word books. Her all time favorite character. She's even requested a Fancy Nancy bedroom, so I'm girling it up with some lace and pink.
I was so glad I got a sleeping picture. Our kids nap with closed doors so it's hard to sneak in and snap. I've enjoyed this month of capturing some day to day things and hopefully with spring on the horizon my gung-ho returns. Enjoy the last of this month, only 10 more months till Christmas!

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