Tuffet Ottoman DIY

What's the thing people say about home decorating, "you're never really done." Granted we just moved in August but I think I'll be adding little details for life. I thrifted this stool the first weekend our hometown goodwill opened. yes I went to the open house, don't judge.  I loved that it had peg legs on it and looked like an easy enough reupholstery job.
This was it's original look. It sat in my sewing room for a while till I finally decided it's time to do something.  I unscrewed the legs, started taking the staples out and then said screw it and cut the bottom fabric off. I seam ripped the paisley fabric and used it for my template. Scored the new fabric at Hancock in their $5 yard scraps. sewed it up, stapled, screwed and voile, much better.
I love having an ottoman to put my feet up and the muted grey green color keeps the calming scheme I'm going for but adds some much needed texture. It's a cheery little ottoman.

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