My Plantain Top

If you're in the sewing blogosphere then you've probably heard dressmakers raving about Deer&Doe's Plantain Top.  Well let me confirm the ravings, It is a great pattern! I know what you're thinking, its a t-shirt pattern whats so special? Well the neckline is perfect, it fits snug so no worry of over exposing, the bust fits perfectly, not too tight nor too loose, The sleeves offer 3 different lengths, including a patch and it flows loosely around the hips. Pretty much everything I currently want in a good tee shirt! Did I mention it's easy to sew as well!
I did two different versions, because I lerve elbow patches, I even tried to steal my Brother-In-Law's Grandpa sweater 6 years back before hipster was a thing, He promised it to me if he didn't wear it within that year (still waiting on that Alan :) 
For the blue long sleeve I used none other than some jersey sheets I got on clearance at Target! yea, can't beat a ridiculous amount of yardage for only $5. P.S. if you are needing muslin and don't want to pay a ton, buy some sheets on clearance or goodwill! My elbow patch is this great vintage wood grain fabric that I've been holding onto with dear life. It's from the 70's and getting down to scraps.
My second shirt was made from this fabric which I got a great bargain on because there was a flaw in the printing. It was only on the selvage and wasn't that big of deal, $3 for some good jersey, again you can't pass it up! 
I will definitely be using this pattern again, and since it's a PDF it can just be stored on the computer, no worries if you lose it, tear it or throw it away by accident in a cleaning frenzy! I do want to look at buying more of their patterns because of how well it was made, after working with some very sketchy and confusing tutorials or pattern instructions it's nice to have a pattern maker who is easy to read. 
So make your plantain top, I promise you won't be disappointed by this awesome free pattern!


  1. Ohh! I love this pattern!! I sewed a large for my size. But still I love this pattern and I'll sew it again, this time a smaller size!! kises

    1. It's a great free pattern, Loved all the dresses you've been working on!