Relaxed Color Blocked Peplum

If you haven't noticed I'm a big fan of the peplum. I was inspired by Anthropologie, I mean who isn't! That store is like a tangible pinterest board! (you see what I did there?) It's made of a light poly blend fabric and the grey actually has a nice woven textured look to it. I've worn this shirt a few times before it made it to my photograph pile, It's great for under jackets or as is.
I wanted to get the points on the panels perfect and at first I was having a hard time but instagram to the rescue along with some fellow sewing enthusiasts to set me straight. I kept ending with side seams not matching up but it turned out I wasn't doing anything wrong there was just that built in of extra fabric to make it easier. That has been one thing I've come to appreciate about instagram; there is such a comradely that can't be matched when you share in each others projects.

The pattern I used was this BurdaStyle's Dress pattern. I changed the sleeves up because those cap sleeves tend to make my arms look fat. I have narrow shoulders and since sewing this shirt I've been focusing on tailoring pieces to my body instead of just following the pattern. I mean after all that is the whole point of sewing your own wardrobe, customizable right!

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