Fancy Nancy Duvet Cover Tutorial

Kathleen from Grosgrain was so sweet to share my tutorial but I wanted to make sure to share it here too!
 My daughter, Adelle, is a huge Fancy Nancy fan and since moving into her own room sans brother we've been working to girl it up a bit but in a way that will grow with her. What better way to Fancy Nancy something than to trim it in a little lace! This duvet cover is so easy to make and can be done on the cheap and the options are endless with all the different types of trim out there.
What you will need:
2 flat sheets, larger than your duvet
different types of trim
weavers tape

Start out by laying your duvet cover out, to determine what you will be cutting off. start it past the top stitching
 Now comes the fun part of laying out your trims. I marked every 6" starting at the middle I pinned the most ornate (and expensive) on. work your way till all trims are pinned and then stitch down the middle of each trim. on the thicker lace I stitched on the straight line so that the lace would flip back and forth freely.
After all your trim is sewn, it's time to put the two pieces together, lay your duvet out on top just to make sure you have the length and width correctly, it would stink to go to all that work of sewing trim on to have it be too short!
With right sides of your sheets together pin your weavers tape at the corners of each. notice the picture above shows it pinned under the top stitching, that is because that flap is going to become our button placket. Now follow your seam allowance around making sure to catch the weavers tape and to leave that button placket edge open.

For the buttons I'm going to show you another duvet I've done. If you aren't able to do buttons on your machine another option would be snaps! 
 Using a measuring tape, mark your button holes. I used 8 buttons and placed them every 8"
 Use your button hole foot to create easy button holes. After you do your button holes, lay your blanket down and use a pen to mark where your buttons should be.
 Stitch your buttons on, again I used the button foot, which has changed my life. I'll never hand sew a button again! The biggest thing is that your buttons go on the outside of your duvet, so on the patterned top. the Top will flip in when you close your duvet, that way the buttons are hidden.
 Now tie your duvet corners, flip your Fancy Duvet right side out and button it up. Voila!
 if you have any questions feel free to email me at


  1. Hi Amber,
    This is such a great idea. I have several King size sheets new or almost new when I had to downsize to a Queen size bed. I also have several King Down Blankets which hang nicely over the Queen size bed. This is such a great idea for my situation. My question is why do you tie the corners of the cover before turning it?

    Thanks again for this post,
    Nancy Aiello

    1. Hi Nancy, the reason you tie it is to keep the duvet in place so it doesn't get all balled up at the bottom of your bed where gravity will pull it down. It's worth the extra step to sew the ties in.