Floral Maxi Dress

I am a huge Pride & Prejudice fan, as in I own the deluxe special BBC edition and watch it at least every two months! Brett quotes every line right a long with me! He's a good man! And before anyone asks the Kiera Knightley version does not count! I've always loved that time period the clean and bright home decor, the long dresses and the country manners, "I think they're charming!" -Mr. Bingley
Well I figured I need to take advantage of this maxi dress trend and wear as much P&P inspired attire as I can! I've always loved florals but it's been really hard to find them in any other type of fabric than cotton, well this dry clean only fabric was just sitting at the fabric store begging me to buy it.
When I don't have an exact idea in mind for something I always buy 4 yards, enough to make a dress just incase that's what I decide. I'm so excited to wear this dress to an upcoming wedding. Really where else am I going to wear a floral print maxi? I love the shawl effect the pattern has and nice drape it gives in front. Burdastyle had this as a mini dress or a shirt but in my usual pattern alteration I lengthened it.
I think this is one of my favorite pieces I've made this year, It's as spring as you can get without weaving actual flowers into a dress. The dry clean only aspect has me a little worried though, I just hope I don't spill something on myself. White wine only for me, thank you!


  1. I love your floral maxi dress , i am a pants only lady usually but i think i might be able to wear this dress .Is there a tute for this or a pattern?.

    1. Thank you so much! The pattern is www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/x-shawl-collar-top-042014
      I just lengthened it. Would love to see what you come up with!