Frozen Elsa Dress

This is the last week of school! Adelle's class is having their last Monster Manners Party and get to watch Frozen today. She told me about it on Friday but I put off thinking about it until um...Sunday morning! I went to Walmart, yes Walmart, for costume fabric and $10 later I had everything I needed.
Wanna know how long it took me??? 2 hours! I drafted the cape pattern after the Elsa Barbie, and then used a pattern I had on hand for the dress and just lengthened it. All hems are rolled which is what really contributed to the fast time. no ironing or folding required! I think the hardest thing about this was puff painting the snowflakes onto the cape, man did it bring back high school memories!
Adelle caught me drawing the cape so she knew about that but she had no clue about the dress underneath it!
She was rehearsing conversations in her room Kid: "cool Elsa dress!" Adelle: "Thanks! My mom made it!" Kid: "Really!?" Adelle:"yea! while I was sleeping!"
It's worth all the work to know how much she appreciates it!

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