First Try Zip Fly

This has been one of the skills on my list to learn that I've been dreading, and because of that it took me over a month to finish these shorts. In the end I had no reason to dread the zip fly, but I have to give major props to James McFarland, who walked me through some of the steps and boosted my confidence. My favorite quote from him is his "ten finger pins." He is a very valuable resource!

This fabric was in my stash. I used it for my runway outfits shown here & here and please be impressed with how much my photography has improved! In the end all these shorts cost me was the price of the zipper, and a button I was saving for a coat that will probably never get made. And I love these shorts. I've been wanting to add print to my closet but I want items that made sense that can be versatile and not look overworked. These shorts meld easily with the rest of my wardrobe and look much better than the athletic shorts I've been wearing day to day.

The pattern I used was Burdastyles Lace Shorts 102 I liked that they had a pleat and no cuff at the hem. I obviously only did one layer rather than with lace & a lining but all the steps are basically the same. I did not follow their directions for the zipper or the waistband, in fact their waistband made absolutely no sense which is often the issue with some Burdastyle patterns. I even ended up having to make my own zip fly flap pattern piece that wasn't included. but can we just take a moment and check out how great my butt looks in these shorts! that is a good fit there! kudos to the burdastyle team!
I figure there is always more than just one way to a sewing technique and that's where youtube came in handy! If you start looking around for tutorials I would recommend watching a tailor vs. a blogger, I have nothing against bloggers (obviously) but a tailor is gonna show you the industrial way of doing things which is going to be faster and stronger, and if there is one thing wrong with handmade it is how well it will hold up overtime.
I love these shorts, I love the length and the relaxed fit in the thighs, I think the next pair will have welted pockets in the back but all in all I couldn't be happier with the way these fit!

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