The Wishbone Dress

Adelle started kindergarten this past week and is loving it. I personally am happy to be back into a routine. She wore this dress for the first day perhaps as a good luck charm for a smooth year. Wishbones are lucky right? I could not resist this fabric when I saw it, I mean not only is it black and white it has freak'n sketched wishbones on it! I bought what was on the bolt, which was really only like 4 yards. I have enough left over for a shirt for myself.
Adelle's favorite part of the dress is of course the bright pink zipper. I knew it would be! I used a Burdastyle pattern I had on hand and altered it to have princess seams, not too hard on a little girls dress. The dress is fully lined, hear that? No exposed seams! I plan on sharing a tutorial, but I thought you might enjoy a peek at what Adelle wore for her first day. Anyone else have a first timer? how'd they do?
I could barely keep up with her running into the building. I got a little teary eyed when I saw other moms having a hard time but I managed to keep it calm and snag a doughnut from the "woohoo or boohoo" breakfast the school had for the newbies. 
When I picked Adelle up from school the teacher handed me Adelle's ipod (my old phone) & headphones, apparently she sneaked them in and wanted to use them during quiet time, that was a no go. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this one. All in all I think she's enjoying it.

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  1. Beautiful!! I also love the pink zipper! I'm glad she had a great first day/week!