Fall Sewing Line Up

I have to admit that I wasn't planning on taking such a long break from the blogging world it just sort of happened that way. I did write a tutorial on how to do a full bodice lining without having to hand stitch here if you're interested and I have been sewing up a storm of kids clothes, I'll share more about that another day but I haven't really sewn anything for myself in the past couple months, which makes this fashion sewing blogger very sad.
Fall is my favorite season, hands down, I think that the fashion in fall is better too. A few items that have inspired me and the patterns I intend to use to get the look are below.
I have been lerving this midi length look. One thing I do if I'm going to make a silhouette I've never made or worn before is I'll go to the store and try it on to make sure that it looks good on my short little body. Obviously a dress on a 5'9" model is not going to look the same on 5'1" me. unfortunately the trend of the midi has yet to really hit in Nebraska and I've had zero luck finding an item to even try on so I may just have to give it a whirl and hope for the best. I'll have to alter the skirt part of the pattern, I just love that tulip wrap look!

Doesn't this wine colored pencil skirt just look comfy. not something I would usually say about a pencil skirt, maybe it's the combo of the tee and cardigan but I can't wait to make this skirt. Thankfully it's an easy enough pattern, I would suggest doing this tutorial for an easy jersey pencil skirt.
Have you noticed I have a thing for this burgundy color, I love the idea of a plum motorcycle jacket. The pattern I chose uses buttons but you can easily toughen it up by adding an asymmetrical zipper.
I LOVE this skirt, I mean it's a moss green leather pleated skirt! I may have already ordered my fabric for this pattern...you'd be amazed at how hard it is to find that color of green in a vinyl leather. I think out of all these patterns, this will be one that people are either going to love this piece or think I'm a freak, I'm fine with both!
Now that I am a stay at home mom again, I need a good pair of PJ pants to wear when running Adelle to school. I love how people are starting to dress up PJ pants. I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable enough to pair heels with them but I love the color.
This has been on my sewing/ wishlist since this past spring. It's a Burberry coat. I will definitely be doing a muslin before I cut into my rainwear fabric for this but I can't wait to work on it.
And last but not least this exposed zipper coat. the reason I chose this pattern is because it has a built in pleat in the back, so it'll be easy to just add the zipper. I'll most likely shorten it and change the hem, but its that zipper detail that makes me swoon! Another item I'll be making a muslin for but I'm really looking forward to making pieces that will last me through a few Autumns rather than rushing through a piece and being tired of it before the end of the season. I think that is one thing I'm learning as I get older is to invest in the pieces I make or wear.
So what do you have planned for this Fall? The thing I'm excited most about is the ground freezing so we don't have to do any yard work! It's the little things in life.


  1. Where is that first pattern with the tulip skirt??? Is it a burda pattern? Tell me tell me - I love it! Can't wait to see all these ideas come to fruition!

    1. the dress is an anthropologie dress, the pattern next to it is what I plan to make a similar silhouette. you could easily add a tullip skirt to the bodice to make it more like the burgundy dress. that's what I plan on doing. I bet you could google tullip skirt pattern and then merge the two patterns together.

  2. Oh! I love this exposed zipper coat!! You've given me a lot of good sewing ideas! kisses!

    1. I know right! it's that little detail that makes the coat. can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. My comment got eaten. Ugh. Again:

    I can't wait to see how these all come out. I love the motorcycle jacket and green skirt! Good luck!! :)