Pajamas and TeePees

When the ladies behind Stylo magazine asked me to be a contributor I knew I was going to make a set of PJ's for these two, I mean what says cold weather more than thermals? Sadly we had to photograph in August, it was not a cool day but the kids were troopers even with the bugs biting. Oh the things you do for photos!

Adelle loves the ruffles and pink and she's worn the pants to school for leggings. I love the texture that the fabric gives. I got the idea of "Part Wolf" from a shirt Johnny Depp was wearing and created the print and made an iron on transfer. My favorite part are the cream colored cuffs on the pants.

I also made the teepee in the back using PVC pipe, and drop clothes. Lowes will cut the pvc for you and I recommend getting rubber stoppers that you put on the legs of chairs to make it so the frame doesn't fall. It's set up in our play room now, Adelle loves watching PBS on her phone in it and Adrian's taken naps in it before.
What I'm most proud of is capturing these two together. They are such goofs and both have such big personalities. Believe me it was chaotic but I couldn't be happier with the result!

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