Free Patterns For Good Basics


ood morning, I hope all is well after the Holiday binge and you've got clothes on the mind. I wanted to talk goals today, specifically for the New Year. I made a decision in December to overhaul my closet and simplify and it has been such a blessing and motivation for sewing. I've got my main list of Makes which include an LBD, pants, shirts, even a few coats but I wanted to share a list of FREE Indie Patterns for some much needed basics with you guys.

Honestly if you offer me a free pattern to try out, I will most likely come back and buy one of your patterns, what a brilliant marketing tactic. SO if you're looking at your ready to wear and thinking of making a few things for daily wear here are 8 Patterns from 8 majorly awesome Indie pattern makers! The best part about these patterns is that they are just that. Fully drafted patterns!
First up is one of my favorites, The Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studio. I've made 3 of these. two long sleeve and one short. I only have 1 left in my closet, I spill a lot, but if you're looking for a great boxy, off the shoulder seam shirt this is it!
Another long sleeve, but more fitted tee is the Tonic Tee from Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick. This is a basic crew neck long sleeve tee and she offers it in a short sleeve as well. I bet you could pinterest a tutorial on how to turn it into a V neck easily enough. I have yet to make this one, but it is in my pattern folder and on my list.
Looking for a scoop neck tee? Try Deer & Doe's Plantain top. I've made two. It's a great pattern for those with a pear shape since it flares out a bit at the hem. I love the elbow patch detail!
If you're thinking ahead to Spring & Summer or in need of some sleeveless shirts to wear under your cardigans or blazers there is the famous Sorbetto top from Colette Patterns and the Polly Top from By Hand London. I've done a couple different versions of the Polly Top, including one in knit. I actually don't have any of them in my Wardrobe now so I may need to bust out some Rayon Challis and whip one up. I have yet to try the Sorbetto top but that front pleat is such a polished detail and Colette patterns are known for their tailored look.
For a bonus, The ladies behind Colette just launched their own Magazine called Seamwork and if you sign up for a subscription they offer 3 patterns with each issue! Pretty nice!
Looking for a good tank top dress pattern? Well Megan Nielsen offers up Eucalypt Tank Top and Dress pattern! I have not used this pattern but it's on my list for Summer Sewing! You could easily make a loose tank maxi dress by simply lengthening the pattern!

Now lets talk about the basic that you could always use more of, Underwear! Cloth Habit has a hip hugger pattern that is so easy and fast to make. I made these Rosy Lady Shorts in under and hour. the hardest part was finding stretch lace but if you shop online She'll show you where to look. I'm really looking forward to reading her Sew-A-Long for her new Watson Bra, and perhaps trying my hand at it after I get some of my other items checked off my list.

Madalyne offers a bikini underwear pattern named Amerson as well. I haven't tried it out but I have plenty of random knits lying about in my stash of left overs I might as well try it out, right? Think of all the cute prints you could have!

All of these items can be made pretty quickly, especially if you have a serger. And if you're looking for an easy project between those harder ones these patterns are like instant gratification. I love being able to in the same day decide I want a new shirt and just make one! Would love to know if you have any favorite basic patterns, especially if they're free!


  1. Thank you so much for this list! I can't wait to sew something for me up now that my holiday family sewing rush is over. :D

    1. awesome! Can't wait to see, selfish sewing is the BEST!

  2. I love the hemlock so much, and have seen a lot of fantastic Plaintains. I don't know if you realize but the Amerson is designed for a woven! My favourite underwear pattern is also free, it's the MakeBra hipster panties:

    1. Oh good to know about the amerson! thanks for the free pattern suggestion!

  3. This is a great post! I want to try the Hemlock once I'm not pregnant any more but hadn't heard of any of the others.

  4. The hemlock is a perfect post pregnancy shirt! good idea. It'd be great even for breastfeeding if you plan to go that route!

  5. thank you, good to know and thank you for the pattern suggestion, those look amazing!