Giraffes and Blue Bugs


t's the final post in my Stylo series and I feel I saved the best for last. This giraffe tunic was my very favorite piece! In the pattern I used there are 2 princess seam lines so I had to use an extra giraffe print and line up the fabric for cutting and sewing perfectly or his eye would have been all wonky.
It took a few tries but I feel that I did him justice. Here's Adelle pretending to be a giraffe. She's such a little goof
Until it comes to "serious model pose" then she's all about that attitude. the neck line on the pattern ended up being a bit too big so I created kind of an edgy shoulder by pinching the front and back neckline together.
And here is Adelle in her Cadette Coat! This was the first pattern I was like "gimmee!"
The fabric is a pink herringbone lined with flannel, so she's definitely warm! But the buttons are what make this coat.
They have little lion emblems on them! And they are all handstitched! none have fallen off yet but I've noticed a few that need to be sewn in better. The jacket fits very tightly, so I think next time I'll go up a size than what's suggested, but I LOVE this coat, easily one my top five favorite pieces I've ever made!
This bomber jacket was my take on a Burberry jacket I had pinned in Adrian's Style. I loved all the details. Originally I had planned on using a dark brown ribbing for the cuffs, waist and neck but the ribbing I bought was too lightweight, and with it being a jacket, for a little boy at that, it needed to be strong.
He's such a car kid that this was probably the hardest to get pictures. He just wanted to explore every part of the blue bug.
I stole a white tee from Brett's drawer to make this henley, and I had an XL old navy tee I had gotten on clearance in my stash of random clothes to use in my sewing room. I love the graphic aspect of it without it being too overwhelming.
This is his "I have to get out now?" face.
I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of Stylo Magazine this year. The Ladies who run it were amazing to work with and it was a wonderful challenge to not only make the kid clothes, but to put pieces together and coordinate them with two kids in one shoot. I would definitely do it again! Hear that Celina & Jessica? Feel free to contact me any time!

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