Tea for 10 and 10 for Tea

 Adelle got to have her first friend birthday party this year. Being the girlie girl she is we opted for a fancy tea party. The girls colored teapots and had fun finding their names on their tea cups.
 For activities the girls made little fans and raced in teams while balancing tea cups on their heads. It was pretty cute to watch how intense they got about it.
My mother-in-law helped me make the fancy headbands for the girls the night before, those were a huge hit. and everyone loved the little jelly tea sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and the pretzels with sprinkles. pretty much we sent these kids home on a sugar high!
 The most exciting part of course was Cinderella's arrival which was a complete surprise to Adelle and the other girls. I was so worried that some cynical child would say she wasn't the real Cinderella, but all believed as soon as Cinderella showed them her wedding ring!
 The girls had many questions such as "what's your princes name?" "Where do the mice live?" and "Are you still friends with your stepsisters?" and let me tell you, Cinderella had an answer to everything! My beautiful friend Aubrey did amazing! It was so sweet to see how the girls lit up when she told them stories and how many rushed in to exclaim "I got to hold Cinderella's hand!"
 After cake and tea (apple cider) the girls played Cinderella says and hide and seek. They even got to help her find her lost shoe. My favorite conversation was hearing a little girl tell Cinderella about amazon and she responded, "What is this Amazon? is it a magical place?" Yes it is Cinderella, yes it is!
Adelle loved having all her friends over and did a great job of playing hostess. I can't believe she's 6 years old! She has such a sweet heart and a curious mind and with every fiber of me I pray that she stays that way.


  1. I can't take all the cuteness!!! Oh my, I think I'll be hiring you out for my kids' birthdays someday;) And, Aubrey should audition for Disney!!

    1. I will gladly do your children's birthdays! and Aubrey was amazing! She was invited to so many birthday parties!