First Pair of Ginger Jeans


oo bad I'm not a ginger anymore! so, I made jeans. FRACKING JEANS! I'll admit that all the talk about the crotch curve and the fear of having to adjust it 1/4" at a time had me a little nervous to try them but Heather from Closet Case Files did an amazing job creating this pattern! I haven't heard one bad thing about it and seeing all the bloggers who've made their own pairs made me want to give it a go.
This is my first pair of ginger jeans, well technically 2nd. I made a muslin but my denim ended up having more stretch than the muslin fabric so I had to go down a size. They also ended up twisting in the leg. I tried to take them in and fix the twisting but they ended up looking tight, lumpy and wonky all at the same time.
First time I did the zip fly, I took my time, got the top stitching perfect and then realized I put the zipper in backwards. ugh! I had to tear everything out and fix it. I wasn't as neat the second time. Thankfully I used black top-stitching thread so my flaws wouldn't show. I used the same wishbone cotton fabric that I used for Adelle's First Day dress for the inside of the waistband; kind of as an ode to wishful thinking. I don't like that it shows so I think next time I make them I'll use denim fabric for the facing.
I had to shorten the length by 4 1/2".  I also altered the width of the legs to be more of a skinny jean. I'm going to grade down to the next size in the leg with my next pair because I feel like the knees and inner thigh are still a bit baggy; however the waist and butt fit perfectly.
I mean really? Look at that pocket placement! I moved them up about 1/2" from the pattern. I love having control of where my pockets go, they can make or break a pair of jeans.
I chose to skip the rivets. My reasoning was one of my favorite RTW pairs doesn't have rivets and I wanted a dressier pair of jeans. I have denim to make a pair of blue jeans and I'll be adding rivets to those.  I also have a great floral denim that I've been eying for over a year and now that I've got my first pair in my back pocket (get it!) I'm a little more confident in it.
 Shirt:Handmade Hemlock Tee, Jeans: Handmade Ginger Jeans, Shoes: Target, Watch: Target, Necklace: Forever21

If jeans are on your list of challenge makes for this year, I have a few suggestions:
Get the ginger jean pattern and follow Heather's sew-a-long! When stitching the inseam & outer side seam start from the bottom hem and work your way up the leg, this will help with twisting. And be patient with yourself!
I was so disappointed in myself when my first pair hadn't turned out that I had almost resolved to just give jeans up. I looked at a few different blogs while obsessing over jean making and one, can't remember which, said to be patient with yourself when trying something new and that sometimes it can take 2-3 times to get the fit right. I think that is honestly my goal this year is to be patient with myself and others.

My other goal this year is to not view other Creatives as competition. I feel like it's been wired into my brain to always compete with others, maybe it's the whole survival of the fittest thing. Sewing the ginger jeans and seeing what others had made and hearing encouragement from them was a wonderful reminder at how supportive the sewing community really is. I've connected with so many different people sharing my process on instagram and seeing their projects. Reading comments and recommendations seeing sewing plans and fabric choices. I've really loved the connections and I'm excited to see what we have in store for this new year!
So what's your challenge project this year?


  1. Great pair! I also top stitched my jeans with black thread so the flaws won't show as much. You look great!!

  2. Thank you! I saw your pair and I have to say, Mama mia! You look good! I have a floral pair on my table now but my machine broke and has to get serviced. They'll have to wait a couple weeks to get finished.