Sewing Room Sweet Sewing Room


esterday we were lucky enough to have a snow day and it was so nice not to have to venture out into the freezing cold at all. We spent our day at home tooling around relaxing. It was just what we needed.
today I wanted to share my sewing room with you guys. We've been in this house for about a year and a half and what sold us on it was the basement area. There is enough room for the kids to have their play area that houses their toys and Brett and I are able to have our own offices.
Our hobbies take up a lot of room. Brett with his painting, guitars and gaming and me with my overflowing fabric stash and sewing machines. I love being able to have my own space, organize it and decorate it and close the door when I don't feel like picking up my mess at the end of an intense sewing session, like when I sewed my zipper in wrong on my ginger jeans!
 This $25 bookcase has saved my sanity! I used to have two rickety organizers stacked on top of each other, until my fabric stash started leaning and knocked them over. I can't believe it took me so long to get it, but I'm glad I finally did!
As you can see I've kept things very neutral, partly because I love me some clean minimalist whiteness but it makes it easier to focus on what I'm working on, especially when I'm staring at a bright color or intense print.
Everything is in arms reach from my sewing table. I would hate to waste such precious time on something so obnoxious as getting out of my chair. : )
 I keep my fabric stash in a sideways turned bookshelf. It's the perfect height to house those small bolts inside and the taller one's on top. I love having my fabric at an easy view point. It's accessible and keeps me from buying more fabric than I already do. You don't even want to know how much fabric is stashed in the closet! If you're looking for a way to organize your stash, ask your fabric store for bolts.
 One of my favorite new additions to this sewing room are these clipboards. Target had them for a buck so I have 3 matching ones that hold prints and paintings that inspire me. This one is called Her Favorite Book by Pino and the colors are so inviting. I love the simple elegance she has. There's a print that says "Creatives are not competition." Which is of course the mindset I want to have this year as I shared with you guys on Monday.
 This little eleveated desk houses my Singer and my Bernina serger. I love the height of the desk because it helps me have better posture. It was also a free antique that Brett's mom gave to me. The veneer needs to be fixed on it but all in all I love it.
 If there is one thing that every sewing room needs, besides a sewing machine, it's the cutting table. It's just a simple dining table that was thrifted that I painted the legs with a metallic gold and the table top white. I cut at this, iron, write posts, etc. I love being able to spread everything out without the back ache that comes with crouching on the floor.
I want to do a faux brick wall in my sewing room, and I've found some great tutorials. I think it would warm/cozy it up a bit and give it a nice focal point.
last is the corner where my hair chair sits. I do a few friends' hair on occasion and I love having a designated spot to do so. The mirror is from what used to be called Garden Ridge but is now At Home. I think it'll look great hanging on a brick wall!
So there you have it, here is my sewing space, my hide away. I know it's not always possible to have a room dedicated to your hobby so I really appreciate it. The things I've learned while putting it together is: paint can help incorporate any random thrifted piece. a tile floor is perfect for a pin dropper like me, and creating a room with lots of light, organization and where you feel inspired is key to nurturing creativity. Hope that didn't seem too cheesy but I honestly LOVE my sewing room!


  1. I'm so impressed by your fabric stash! Looks like they are from a shop and they are very well organized:)

  2. Thank you! I'm working on a stash challenge that I'll share more about tomorrow. Would love for you to be apart of it!