White Archer


think besides the Little Black Dress, the crisp collared white button up is the item every fashion magazine says is a necessity to a wardrobe. I'll be honest, I disagree.
 I have yet to pull this shirt out of my closet to wear anywhere. Maybe it's the fact that it's white and I'm afraid of messy little hands, or my amazing ability to spill whenever I wear something white. Or that I prefer a little more relaxed look, over the starched collared shirt. I jokingly tell my husband that I'm uptight about my appearing to be laid back, which is funny because it's true. And maybe that's my problem with the shirt, I feel it reflects a perfectionist nature rather than a "go with the flow" kind of vibe. Get'n deep here!
 I do feel a little better with the sleeves rolled up rather than like Dwight from The Office with them cuffed and buttoned. Even while writing this post I feel restricted looking at the pictures, and I'm not even wearing the button up right now.
So what say you? Necessity or just nice to have?  If you have some outfit ideas I'd love to hear them. It'd be nice to get some use out of this shirt.


  1. I wear mine as an "over shirt" with a tank underneath and sleeves rolled up. In fact, I didn't even put buttonholes/buttons on my white Archer.

  2. you are too sweet! I never thought of it from an Audrey Hepburn view, that's a good way to look at it. I wonder if I loosened the fit of the shirt up if it'd be better?