How to Line a Bodice w/o Handstitching


an, does this picture make me wish for Summer. I am a big fan of half-assery! I figure if there is a technique that I can do that requires less time and gets the same if not better result it's worth learning.
If you've sewn any dress pattern where it is fully lined I'm sure you've seen "hand stitch shoulder seam closed." Well here is a trick/ technique to avoid hand stitching all together!. 
 Stitch all bodice pieces together, my zipper was positioned in the back.
 Do the same with your lining.
 Lay lining on top of your bodice right sides together and pin an 1" away from each shoulder seam
 stitch necklines and armholes stopping at each pin, this is very important
 trim your seam allowance or notch it to get a nice clean curve. with your bodice laying flat, turn the front piece of your bodice right side out, but leave the back bodice.
 next take the right side of your bodice and insert it into the right side of your back bodice, lining up the shoulder seams and pin lining to lining and your outer fabric to your outer fabric
 stitch these pieces together
 next pull your bodice further through your shoulder seam until you see stitches, now you will stitch the seams closed across your shoulder seam.
 fold it right side out and iron
It's so clean looking and no worries of hand stitches not holding up to the rigorous child's play. . I've found it's best to do the step by step while sewing, because some things are just easier to understand when you're own hands are working it.
Now to work the zipper in all you do is fold your lining out of the way and stitch it to your shell, then fold the lining down, fold in the raw edges around the zipper and top stitch close to the zipper. voila! Hope that speeds up your sewing time and if you're having a hard time following the steps feel free to leave a comment or message me.


  1. pinning this one for later. also, what pattern is this? its such a sweet and simple girls dress.

  2. Thank you. Its a bodice pattern i had from Burdastyle, but its a completely different dress. If you look for a princess seam pattern you'll be able to find something similar. I did s self drafted circle skirt for the bottom.