January Stash Blast


ow this is my kind of white shirt. It's bellowy, and relaxed. I was hoping to actually share this in January but first week of February isn't bad. The day we took these photos it was 50 degrees in January, now it's snowing and Adelle has her 2nd snow day of the week. I guess that's Nebraska for you!
The pattern is Vogues 1367, I love it! No closures, except for the button cuffs on the sleeves, and that could easily be left out.There are no shoulder seams which I think is just a great little detail. The fabric I used was from my stash! Well actually from Brett's grandma's stash. I've had it for over 4 years and who knows how long Grandma Jan had it. It's a very loose weave, almost an eyelet linen which will transition perfectly come spring.
This shirt was made during Adrian's naptime. I may have left the hem to do in the evening, but it was the perfect project after being so involved with the Russian coat!
This is my favorite trick to hemming things perfectly and quickly. No ironing required!
There is such a freedom that comes with taking pictures wearing sunglasses. No worries about squinting, or awkwardly looking at the camera. While we were taking these pictures I'd say hello to anyone who walked by. I figured if I acknowledged the sideways glances I wouldn't seem so weird, turned out it had the opposite effect, all well. So have you made something from your stash yet? If so please share on Instagram, hashtag: stashblast15 or join the Flickr group!


  1. Well thank you! This is a great pattern, and Hancock Fabric has Vogue patterns for 4.99 right now, so if you live near one, go get it!

  2. Great white linen shirt! I am dreaming of summer and starting to think about which tops to sew out of linen, so perfect timing!