Archer, Grown Up Style!


o, Grainline Studio's Archer has become my most made pattern. After making my flannel and then reading Andrea's tutorial on changing the neckline I have completely fallen in love.
It's one of those staple patterns that can make you look like a comfy relaxed person or a put together classic chic person with a simple fabric and button change. As you know I am rarely drawn to bright colors, maybe it was my red hair that made me shy away from wearing brights. My grey hair is a different story. I have a thing for this bright orangish red color. Not only did I make this shirt in it, on a shopping trip with my friend I found a pair of skinny trousers that are the exact same color and have gold zippers at the ankle for $2! Thank you JCPenny!
It's just such a simple silhouette I don't feel overwhelmed by wearing a bright color. The fabric is a lightweight polyester that has a drape and softness to die for! It was harder to work with than my flannel, but I wanted to step up my closet, you know grown up style and junk.
The buttons I used are gold and textured; adding that extra oomph a dressy shirt needs. I don't work out of the home so there is no point in creating some "go to work clothes." But I do like to look nice when I go to church, or meet up with friends.
 Pattern: Grainline Archer, Fabric: Lava Silk, Buttons: Gold Shank Buttons
Do you have a color or pattern you're drawn to lately? Perhaps a texture? I have a feeling that texture's are going to be really big this year!


  1. orange/red is my fav color of all time. i have been wanting to make a silk archer forever. But time. sigh.

  2. Thats one thing I love about the archer, you can do a little of it, and walk away, then come back and do a little more. Do some selfish sewing! You deserve to look awesome in your favorite color!

  3. Great looking shirt! Love this color, even have a wall in my house painted this color. :-)

  4. Do I have a colour or pattern that I'm drawn to lately? Just one? Strangely I'm wanting more black in my wardrobe after sewing a rainbow for the last few years. Love your tangerine dream of a shirt BTW.

  5. Wow, that is gorgeous! And yes, bright colors and red lips look awesome with your hair. By the way, your hair makes me tempted to finally let mine grow out. However, I won't do it until i can be guaranteed that more than 80% has gone gray. I look washed out otherwise.

  6. Fabric EpiphaniesMarch 14, 2015 at 1:48 PM

    The Archer is one of my favourite patterns and orange is my current favourite colour! I really like the altered neckline.