Brenna Maternity Coat

 Don't be fooled by the disdained look on my face I love this coat! It's just that after mostly wearing comfy prego leggings all the time, jeans suck! Yes, if you're wondering, I am expecting. Actually I'm 34 weeks! Another reason for the look on my face, I'm ready to be done! She is due January 6th, and if you follow me on instagram you've seen all the prepping we've been doing, including a lot of sewing.
 I know it's been a while, in part it's because of baby, but I've also been doing online classes to get my bachelors in digital marketing. As much as I love staying home with our kids, and having nap times to sew, I know that eventually the workforce will call me back and I'll have to answer. yay, Adulting!
 Since this is our last baby I didn't want to invest in a maternity coat, I debated on even making one, but if you've ever been to the midwest then you know that it can get below zero, so cold that it hurts to breathe and you question why you live in a place where it hurts to breathe, but such is the life we chose.
This pattern comes from CaliFaye's collection and is the Brenna Coat. I bought the pattern last year and have a merlot color wool set aside just for it, but it kinda got pushed to the back of my mind with everything else going on. The pattern is simple and amazing! You have the option of adding a sew on snap to the front but I love the simple drape it offers so I made a tie belt to go with it. I also color blocked mine, with Camel colored wool and navy wool, BTW, I've been on the search for the camel colored wool for a while with no luck. Then I was looking through my closet of forgotten fabrics, seriously I have one, and found both of these fabrics from Grandma Jan's stash. So not only the perfect color I was looking for, but vintage and higher quality than what I would have purchased elsewhere. They are also super itchy!
 I admit when I was planning this I just wanted to be lazy and do an unlined coat. Which is really dumb because bagging the lining is like the easiest thing ever! It looks really intimidating but Jen at Grainline Studio has a great tutorial that'll walk you through it!
I did grade the pattern from a medium in the arms and neckline to an XL to fit my gargantuan belly. Besides the color blocking that's the only edit I did. This coat came together so easily! I'm not even kidding if you don't count the time to put the PDF pattern together, while watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother, shoveling chocolate covered cherries in my face and cutting the fabric out, I made this coat in 5 hours. I've spent more time searching for a cheap maternity coat than I did sewing one, and I got it for the price of the pattern!
What I love most about this coat is that I'm going to get to use it even after baby is born, without it looking like a maternity coat. So if you're looking for a quick coat pattern, or you're thinking of making your first coat ever get Cali Faye's Brenna Coat, She has drafted an amazing pattern that can be made in a number of different fabrics and color combo's to dress it up or keep it casual, Check out Alida's version, it's on my wardrobe sewing list for next fall.

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