2 Girls, 1 Room. Decorating for Two


econd to actually having the third baby, isn't figuring out sleeping arrangements really stressful? When Adrian was born we lived in a 2 bedroom house so Adrian and Adelle shared a room. We actually didn't plan on having a third when we bought our house, but plans changed, and we're glad they did.
 Since Adelle first found out that we were having a girl, she's talked non-stop about sharing a room with her. I'm glad she's excited to have a little sister, but with a 7 year age gap lets just hope the enthusiasm stays when Aria starts getting into all of Adelle's stuff.
 I'm a bit of a control freak and I like to keep the bedrooms pretty minimal with very few toys, it makes it easy to pick up, and then the kids can go nuts in the basement.
The crib that was Adelle and Adrian's was recalled so we had to trash it and get a new one. I wasn't too sad about it because I found this beautiful two toned one at Walmart and I absolutely love it! It'll work as a toddler bed too.
 The floral mural is my favorite part of this room. My wonderful friend painted it and it's better than what I could have ever imagined. Adelle helped paint the purple leaves.
I'm lucky enough to have multiple artists in my life. This castle painting was done by my Mom a couple Christmases ago. The details she puts into her art is amazing. She has all the patience I lack. This is Adelle's actual selection of books right now. She's obsessed with Egypt and Mummies, Every library trip includes at least one Mummy book, She tells me that she's doing research.
 My contribution to the artwork in the girls' room are these three prints I found on Pinterest. I'm really good at pinning and printing things, It's a gift really.
 This little table was our first Ikea project. Adelle painted it and put it together with a little help from me.
 Brett's grandpa built this changing table when we were expecting Adelle. He was the shop teacher at the High school here. This thing is no joke, it's probably the heaviest piece of furniture in the room.
Aria hasn't spent too much time in this room, She'll stay in our room for the first 6 months, but I'm looking forward to hearing little girl giggles on the other side of the door. 

Tell me, what do you think about kids sharing a room?

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