A Little Boy Grandpa Cardigan


ne of my biggest fails of last year was not making one article of clothing for this guy. Can you believe that? Maybe it was the pregnancy brain, Adelle constantly asking for fancy dresses or school, but this will not be the year that Adrian goes without handmades.
I love a little man in grown up looking clothes, and if that happens to be what I deem an old man cardigan all the better. This pattern is something I've had in my pattern stash for a while. I made one a long time ago when Adrian was just 3 months old for family pictures.
the pattern is The Darling Cardigan and comes from Owly Baby, who since has stopped selling her patterns, which is a shame because this was a great simple cardigan pattern.
 For some reason I only had the basic pieces of the pattern, such as the back, front and sleeves. I didn't have the button placket so I had to make my own, I had to draft the cuffs and bottom ribbing as well, which isn't to hard to do, it just takes a little time, measuring and math. I did have to shorten the sleeve cap width for some reason it was two inches too big for the shoulder.
 For Christmas I got a special buttonhole gauge that makes button placement quick and enjoyable, no more measuring or worrying about evenly spacing the holes, you just mark and sew. I've been learning the importance of using scrap fabric to test stitches before making them. I tried a button hole on fabric without interfacing and the machine ate my fabric. After digging out a ball of knotted fabric I interfaced the fabric and tested a vertical buttonhole and a horizontal buttonhole. It really is amazing what interfacing can achieve! I used interfacing specifically made for knits so that way the band still stretches, and since the interfacing can be an expensive notion, I only interfaced where the buttons and buttonholes would be.
 Adrian will be 4 in April, and he'll start pre-school this fall. He knows his shapes, but now we're working on tracing them and drawing them. His favorite shape is the triangle.

This was a 1 yard project which not only makes it cost efficient but quick to make. It took me about 3 hours to make and that includes the alterations, pattern pieces I had to make and nursing on demand.
The main fabric comes from GirlCharlie, which if you are looking for quality print knits, this is the store. This fabric was actually "flawed" so I got it for super cheap, though I didn't see anything wrong with it when I got it so it was an awesome score! I have 3 different versions of this fabric, a black and white one, grey and red & this camel and maroon. The ribbing is just a regular knit I got from Joann's fabric. Joann's has a large amount of just colored knits which I love. The only bad thing is dealing with Joann employees, the one here is notorious for poor customer service.

One of my biggest pet-peeves are the carts and the narrow walk ways. The carts aren't even big enough for a bolt of fabric, you're constantly conking into things, and don't even bother going if you have a baby car seat to lug around. But I'll put up with the grouchy employees, tiny carts and poorly planned lay out because they have the best selection of solid colored knits in Omaha.
 Since Owly Baby no longer sells her pattern, one to check out would be the Goodall Cardigan by Petit a Petit Patterns. You can buy it or you can join their Facebook group and get it for free. I haven't sewn it yet, but I've seen plenty of them in the sewing blogosphere so it must be good. 
I'm glad I got to make this cardigan for this little guy, his wardrobe is pretty basic and probably getting too small, especially for those lanky arms and legs. You'll definitely be seeing more of Adrian and his handmade boy clothes which raises the question:

Do you like sewing for kids or sewing for yourself more?

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