The Comfy Oslo Cardigan


don't know about you but I feel like this first half of January has been a whole blur. Adelle went back to school last week so we're trying to get into some sort of routine. I'm being spoiled right now since Brett is home for at least the next couple weeks thanks to his job implementing paid paternity leave this year, we took advantage of it by getting our family photos taken on a Saturday morning by one of my very dear friends.

Sometimes I feel like I have tunnel vision, my days and nights all run together, especially with those night time feedings but I'll adjust, we'll adjust to the new normal. One normal that I'm liking/not liking is being in pajamas all day. They're so comfy but I hate feeling like a frump, and looking like one too. Adelle even calls me out on it "Are you gonna wear your pajamas to take me to school?" Damn right I am little lady. But I do want to up my PJ game a little bit, so enters the Oslo Cardigan by Seamworks Magazine.

I actually worked on one in December, but with the combination of pregnancy brain, not reading the pattern, and trying to rush I ended up making the collar too short, or the front too long. I don't know. It ended up on my floor for a couple weeks until I finally cleaned my sewing room and tossed it without even looking. That was a last year project, so it doesn't matter.

The second time around I found this amazing sweater knit at Joann's. A little more than I usually spend at $20 a yard and you need 2 3/4 yards (btw do not short yourself on the yardage for it, you need it all, thankfully I had my 50% off coupon. I held fast to the old saying "measure twice, cut once" and ended up with the most amazing cozy, comfy winter cardigan, that when you tell people you made it, they assume you mean knitted it, muhahaha!

I honestly don't know what I did to the first, because as the ladies behind Seamworks claims for all their patterns, they are easy and fast projects, and for being easy and fast, it's very well put together. In fact, this sweater is so nice that my sister stole it off me. Don't worry there was a fair trade, but I'm looking forward to making it again.

 I have a subscription to Seamworks and I love the implementation of the credit system. In case you didn't know you get two credits each month and you can use them towards any patterns, past, present or you can save them for the future if none of the patterns are doing it for you. I love that! I kind of hoard my credits though. The magazine is free to read, and there are some great tutorials and articles, I really love what they've put into the project.

So have you made any pattern from the Seamworks Magazine? If so what? I'd love some ideas for what I should buy with my credits.

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