Wardrobe Sewing Plans for 2016


t has been crazy at my house, as you can probably expect with a new baby in the house, getting quality time in with Adelle and Adrian,trying to balance my own school work, and of course the day to day of laundry, dishes, more laundry, more dishes. But I want to craft so hard! I've also been going through my whole fabric stash and reorganizing and selling some on Instagram, gotta pay for all the new fabric I just bought some how, right? And beyond all that I have created probably one of the longest project lists I've ever done. It's hard when there are just so many cute ideas, patterns and fabrics out there and you have 3 kids who look adorable in handmades, a husband who will totally wear a bad ass peacoat, and you've just gotten out of a very restricted maternity wardrobe of leggings and husband t-shirts.
So I wanted to outline my sewing plans for 2016. The majority of these projects are pretty quick simple projects, sprinkled in with a few technical, skill learning, a lot of seam ripping and maybe a little crying inducing projects.
 So starting off with Adelle, my girlie girl is totally into anything "Fashion" as she calls it, namely anything super fancy & impractical for a 7 year old to wear to school. So I've come up with some ideas to work some fancy into her wardrobe. Adelle started gymnastics this past fall and has been loving it. she has one mama-made leotard, I used Kwik Sew's pattern which is super easy, but she definitely needs a new one, I thought the mermaid inspired leotard would be perfect for her, I even have my eye on the fabric at Joann's, danget! The one thing I forgot to buy! I also love the Handstand t-shirt, and I know she will too. I did promise her a fancy dress for Christmas, so I need to deliver on that, but I also want to make her this adorable wrapped sweater, a soft tunic with a soft trim and a bookworm t shirt. A little fancy mixed with a little practical.
Adrian's favorite color right now is red, and I'm good with that because he looks adorable in it and it's an easy color to find at the store. For Adrian I'm keeping it pretty basic, I think kids need to be able to play in their clothes, so for him I have plans to make a couple shirts, some more PJ pants using the retro style sweatpants pattern, because lets be honest, we are at home 90% of the time, and in PJ's the majority of the time. I also want to make him at least two more button ups, using the Classic Oxford pattern. and an adorable little man cardigan using OwlyBaby's Darling Cardigan. He'll be starting pre-school this Fall so this will help build up his school wardrobe a little.
As for little Aria Wynelle, I have a couple projects for her, but I don't want to go too crazy since she'll grow out of them in a minute. I'd like to get my snap tool out again and make a couple onsies with cute says or prints on them, I think nothing is cuter on a baby than a little striped shirt. Summer will be here soon so a couple nice outfits are in order for church. And I have plans on making a cute pair of baby shoes. the shoes are a little low on the priority list, since you know, she can't walk, but they'll be a good small project to do.
As for Brett, I made him a black vest about 2 years ago before I really knew what I was doing, though I'm still impressed by my welted pockets! But he requested a grey vest, and I am happy to oblige. I have button up patterns sitting in my stash so I want to make him at least one, since that is literally all he wears. And for my humongous, challenge project for this year, I plan on making him a bad ass tailored military pea coat. Can we just stop for a second and just appreciate this man in the ad! This is a project I'm really excited about because I know that if I do it right, Brett will wear the crap out of this coat, and swagger all the way.
And now we are finally to my sewing list.... DEEP BREATH.... I think I'm pretty much still in the whole building a wardrobe phase. Last year I got a small taste of it so I'm really excited to dive in and create a quality wardrobe for me. I turn 30 this year and I really want to focus on quality over quantity, "but Amber, you just posted like 40 projects to do?" I know but the majority of them are pretty quick projects, and I'll be okay if I achieve only a few, if I know they're well made instead of sloppily put together.
So starting at the top, I plan on making a window pane print flannel using the trusty Archer pattern, a pair of purple flare cords using Baste & Gather's Birkin Flares, also though not pictures I plan on making a denim version as well, I've been wanting to make this sergeant jacket from Burdastyle for forever now. Skinny jeans utilizing the Ginger Jeans pattern, or perhaps the Kendall Skinnies when it's released. A well made white button up using either the Archer or another pattern I have, This beautiful maxi skirt which just looks so effortlessly chic it makes me want to cry. I really want to nail down bra and underwear patterns, I have one from kwik sew and I have Cloth Habit's Watson bra pattern, but if you have any suggestions, especially bras for bigger busts, I'm all ears!
I also want a relaxed black blouse, I love the twist. and these olive colored pants need to get in my closet once and for all.

This year I really want to make my own swimsuit, not that i go swimming a ton but maybe I would if I had this swimsuit! A pair of fun colored Palazzo pants, because being a girl with grey hair and not taking full advantage of some crazy prints is just sad. Another project that is going to be a challenge project for me is this grey blazer. I really want to get the fit perfect, I also want to make a merlot blazer. A good pair of cobalt skinnies using again either ginger jeans or the kendall skinnies. some fancy panties and this awesome gingham high-waisted midi skirt, because reasons!
I know what you're thinking, "Amber you don't have all the fabric for that do you?" Oh I do! this was part of my going through my stash. I have pinned the plan to each piece of fabric so when I grab something I know exactly what my plan is, I've even gone far enough to pile them into piles dedicated to each person.
I'm looking forward to finally getting in my sewing room this weekend and making a few things. What are your making plans this year? Any challenges you're doing? If you are interested in purchasing some of my stash click the instagram link and you can view it all right there.

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