Chubby Little Baby Leggings

 It's already March, can you believe that? These past few months have been almost a blur, I can't seem to nail down my project list. There are just so many that I want to do them all. I've become obsessed with knitting lately, and if you follow me on instagram you saw my first cabling project, which was so much fun. I'm still trying to finish my Carolyn Pajamas that I started well over a month ago. I have buttons to reattach to coats, a kimono robe to make for a friend and a special project for Brett. There are not enough hours in the day and breastfeeding only allows me so many cups of coffee.
 Brett went back to work a couple weeks ago so we're slowly finding our rhythm. This little girl is starting to get on a schedule and slept the whole night last night, it was heaven.
 She loves napping in her swing, though she doesn't like when it swings, is that normal? I don't know if it's the side to side swinging that she doesn't like, but she's so content when it's not moving but as soon as it starts she gets fussy.
I made these little floral leggings for her before she was born I think I used the Go To Leggings pattern from Sewtorial. They're easy and quick to whip up which makes me want to add more to my sewing list. We've tried to stay minimal with her clothes since she is the last one and babies grow out of stuff so fast but those cute chubby legs are begging for more leggings, right?
 This past week she started to coo, and smile. That first smile is always the best, because after all the night time feedings and diaper changes and blow outs, that smile is just the fuel needed to keep on.
And I absolutely love her frowny face. She's grumpy cat incarnate. Have you been keeping up with the projects you planned or do you suffer from project tunnel vision like me?

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