Mimi G 8093 Geometric Top

I'm lucky to work in an office that is very casual. I mean, they have no problem with my gray hair! But it still requires a different wardrobe than home does, so I've been working on figuring out a work style that works for me. 
So enters Mimi G 8093. I've only recently discovered her blog and video series, I had a couple of her patterns in my stash for a while now. Her style is a little more involved than mine. My style is made up of simple silhouettes, usually focusing on the print of the fabric or texture. I love everything in this pack and I'm really looking forward to making that simple notched blazer. I have the maroon wool that would be perfect for it!
This shirt is straight out of the pack, no alterations. To be honest, not a huge fan of the fit right out of the box. Mimi G and I have very different body types, and I love how it looks on her, the white is a woven and the pink is a knit and they both look nice. Mine has too wide of shoulders, the cross-over is way too big, and I had to install a snap to keep it from showing too much. The hem is way too tight, especially considering it's a split hem. 
I do want to make this shirt again because I think that when the fit is right, it will be the perfect go-to blouse to wear under jackets and cardigans in the Fall and Winter, and perfect by itself in the summer.
Here are the alterations I plan on making:
  • Woven
    • Smaller size at shoulders and bust
    • Grade out to larger size at hips
    • pinch out length in the wrap part so it lays closer to the body
  • Knit
    • Smaller size all around
    •  pinch out length in the wrap part so it lays closer to the body
Have you made any alterations to a wrap dress or shirt? What worked best for you?

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