My Totally Amazing, Super Awesome Birkin Flares

I am in love, and their name is Birkin! Shout out to Baste and Gather for creating a well fitting, and flattering pattern. I was not expecting these to turn out so well. I figured that these would be a muslin, wearable at best, but I seriously love them. They are perfect for Fall!
A few edits I made, length of course. Being 5'1" I had to chop off a good amount of length. I took off 3" from the pattern and then in the end another 4". I had added a deep hem allowance to it, which was good because I wanted a nice structured stiff bell at the end so what I'll do next time is take off a total of 7" from the pattern, and then add the 2"deep hem allowance. This will save me time, and give me even more flare. I also had to take in the legs quite a bit around the thighs to the knee in order to get a good fit. That's nothing with the pattern, I've had to do that with any pants pattern, so I'll shave off 2" from the outer leg, and about 1" from the inside of the leg, nothing too hard.
The biggest change I need to make to the pattern is shortening the length of the top of the jeans. They are high waisted, but mine go past my bellybutton by a good 1" so I'll be taking some length out of the top, just an 1"or so.
All in all, I love them, and highly recommend them. My butt looks great in them, the steps are amazing and I personally love the waistband tutorial and plan to incorporate it in any pants I make from now on. It makes a perfectly clean finish. I kept my jeans pretty simple, no rivets or contrasting top stitching thread, but that's kind of my style, simple and clean. I did add one great detail, a red zip with gold teeth, It's a small detail that people won't see but it's just a little identifier that this pair is handmade.
So have you jumped on the flare jean trend yet or you sticking to your skinnies?

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